• We are confirming a meeting spot with some camping and lodging shortly and will have that available to registrants. The Friday before we will be offering trainings and there will be lots of work to do as well, so come Friday, the 8th (or even the 7th) if you can.

  • We have arranged a limited amount of accommodations for the weekend of the action, if you’re ok roughing it. However if you prefer nice accommodations, we recommend you reserve a hotel room in the Fairmont area. Morgantown is the next closest city after Fairmont. If you want to stay at the place we’ve reserved, please know that no alcohol or drugs are allowed on site.

  • We will have some (potentially limited) amount of food. We might need to ask for a contribution to defray food costs for those who can contribute.

  • Supporters who are not able to risk arrest are still strongly encouraged to attend and be a part of the action. There will be a meaningful way for them to participate and make their voices heard. We also encourage you to fill out the volunteer form when you register. There are also many support roles in an action that make a real difference to those who are taking a risk.

  • The action will kick off on Saturday, April 9th, near the Grant Town Power Plant. Parking or shuttling details will be shared closer to the event.

  • Because coal combustion is incompatible with a livable planet. Full stop. We need clean air. We need drinkable water. We need a climate that doesn’t cause floods and hurricanes and droughts.

    We chose this plant specifically because we need the world to know how corrupt Joe Manchin is. He is not some thoughtful, grandfatherly, moderate. He is raking in $500,000 per year from his coal company while single-handedly gutting climate legislation. He also directed his appointees to raise electricity rates on us working-class West Virginians in order to keep his coal business afloat.

    We want to emphasize the racial and economic disparities of who faces the worst effects of the pollution. Communities of color, Indigenous communities and low-income communities are always on the front line of toxic dumping and combustion.

    Joe Manchin has not only blocked action on climate but has also nixed the child tax credit and progress on voting rights. There is little doubt about racist impacts of what his inaction has wrought.

    We mobilize on this coal plant to tell that story.

  • Be prepared for lots of outdoors time in the spring weather. So raingear, sunscreen, water bottles, insect repellent and something to walk in mud. Bring your favorite snacks.

    Also, if you can, bring a pillow, a sleeping bag, a tent and a blanket, whether or not you are camping.

  • We are taking bold nonviolent direct action. Those who are taking risks will get to decide together what they are going to do. Those who can may be encouraged to hold the ground.

  • Yes! When you sign up there should be a field to say yes to volunteering and put any skills or interests you have in the box. Have you cooked for large numbers before? Do you enjoy watching kids? Do you have training experience? We want to know. Also, there is a lot moving, so apologies if we do not reach out in advance, we promise there will be lots of roles and needs when you arrive.

  • Other than your registration, we need you to turn out friends, family co-workers, we want this action to be as big as possible.

  • Covid rules are changing rapidly and we are working to figure out our protocols so we can protect everyone. Almost all meetings, trainings and the action will take place outside. If you are very cautious you might want to book your own hotel room. You will see very few masks where we are in West Virginia, so be prepared for that.

  • Yup 🙃

  • Yes, we are in the process of confirming multiple lawyers who will be able to help us at all stages of the process, from researching the laws to advising us in the aftermath of the action.

  • These FAQs are being revised on an ongoing basis, so check back or send us an email at [email protected] if there are things we have not covered. We are very excited that you are taking action with us.