We Believe In:

  • Cross Movement Solidarity

    We seek to work arm-in-arm with those struggling for racial dignity, health, economic equality, and other causes.

  • Labor Solidarity

    We are against coal. We are not against coal workers. We believe in creating a new economy where fossil fuel workers can transition to new, dignified jobs. We also recognize that no matter what we do some fossil fuel workers will passionately oppose this action.

  • Public Organizing

    We seek to move the largest number of people possible to take the most escalated nonviolent direct action possible. To do that we are issuing a public call to action.

  • Standing Resolute

    When the going gets tough, and when the weather turns, and when the police threaten us with brutality, we will peacefully hold our ground for as long as we can.

  • Nonviolence

    We will be nonviolent in word and deed. If violence is used by our opponents, we will respond nonviolently, but will proceed with the action.

  • Racial Justice

    Our struggle is interlinked with the struggle for racial justice. We see how fossil fuel combustion is causing asthma attacks and cancer clusters in Black communities, while decimating Indigenous lands. We also see how Joe Manchin cruelly blocks must-pass voting rights bills. We will not achieve climate justice until we achieve racial justice.